March 2nd 2018,

Planting a tree in your garden is a wonderful thing, and the enjoyment of watching your tree grow and flourish through the seasons is rewarding, and good for mental well being. However it is crucial that you plant your tree correctly, otherwise it could become a waste of time, money, and future enjoyment.

Follow this step by step guide to planting in order to give your tree the best chance of growing. – (taken from the woodland trust)

  1. Use a spade to take the turf out of the ground, turn it over and split it almost in half.
  2. Dig a hole slightly wider and deeper than the roots of your tree. Loosen the soil around the edges.
  3. Put the tree in the hole and check the depth. Look for the “collar” – the mark on the tree from where it originally started to grow above ground. This should be level with the top of the soil. If a tree is planted too deep the stem may rot; too shallow and the roots above ground will die.
  4. Hold the tree upright and gently push back the soil, pressing it down onto the roots. Don’t compact the soil as this will stop water and air circulation, but make sure your tree is steady.
  5. Put the turf back over the hole with the split either side of the young tree, grass side down.
  6. Cover your tree with a guard if necessary, using a cane or stake will provide extra support.

Happy tree planting  🙂