Subsidence Risk Report

Subsidence Risk Report

Subsidence can cause considerable damage to both public and private buildings and lead to great costs for both the public and private purse. There are many factors which can cause subsidence, with tree-related subsidence being a surprisingly common cause. Tree-related subsidence occurs when the soil surrounding the property shrinks due to water being drawn and not replenished. This is most commonly found with clay soil and can be caused by trees with a high water uptake or a process called “heave”, which is often due to changes in the environment, such as the removal of a tree.

Whatever the reason for the subsidence, JAG Arboriculture Consultancy can carry out the necessary survey. To evaluate the reasons behind the problem. I can produce a detailed subsidence risk report with advice and recommendations to alleviate the problem and provide long-term protection for your property.

As I am based in the Midlands and London, I am able to quickly provide a tree survey report to my clients throughout England at a competitive price.

For a quote, please submit your inquiry here, or if you prefer, ring 07792096453.

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