nocturnal flight of a bechstein´s bat

Trees are very important to bats; currently the UK has 18 species of Bat.  Below is a list of the Bats which roost in trees:

  1. Barbestelle
  2. Bechsteins bat
  3. Natterers bat
  4. Noctule
  5. Pipistrelle (3 species)
  6. Brown Long-eared bat

Why are trees so important to bats?

  1. Bats use lines of trees such as tree avenues and trees in hedges as a navigational aid.
  2. Bats roost inside woodpecker holes
  3. Bats roost behind loose bark
  4. Bats roost in cavities
  5. Bats perch on the tree to feed and during bad weather
  6. Bats roost in cracks splits and crevices
  7. Bats sometimes roost behind dense ivy
  8. Bats hibernate over the winter in hollow trees