Veteran Tree Surveys

Veteran Tree Surveys - Veteran Tree Inspections

Although the definition is not clearly defined, a veteran tree is (in simple terms) an old tree in relation to trees within the same species. Some trees live much longer than others, so an old tree of a certain age in one species may not be an old tree in another. Veteran trees are important historically, culturally and ecologically. They can tell us things about our heritage and how our ancestors lived. They are important ecologically, providing habitats for a wide range of birds, animals, fungi and fauna.

JAG Arboriculture Consultancy can help manage the conservation of veteran trees. I can provide the following veteran tree surveys:

  • Tree inspections
  • Veteran tree risk survey
  • Veteran tree long-term management plan

As I am based in the Midlands and London, I am able to quickly provide a tree survey report to my clients throughout England at a competitive price.

For a quote, please submit your inquiry here, or if you prefer, ring 07792096453.

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