Pre-purchase tree surveys – Home buyers arboricultural report

Pre-purchase tree survey – Home buyers arboricultural report

Moving home can be a particularly stressful time, not least due to the requests for seemingly endless surveys and reports from the Mortgage lender. One of the reports they often ask for is a pre-purchase tree survey to assess whether there is a risk of damage to the property from nearby trees. A tree survey is a particularly specialised survey and is not usually carried out in full by a property surveyor. However, a property surveyor may request for a specialised tree survey to be carried out if they are concerned about the position of nearby trees.

JAG Arboriculture Consultancy provide specialist pre-purchase tree surveys to evaluate the potential damage of nearby trees and whether any damage already exists. I will provide detailed recommendations and advice based on our findings to ensure that the property of your dreams does not turn into a property nightmare.

As I am based in the Midlands and London, I am able to quickly provide a tree survey report to my clients throughout England at a competitive price.

For a quote, please submit your inquiry here, or if you prefer, ring 07792096453.

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