Fireblight (Erwinia amylovora)

Bacterial infection NOT Fungal.

This disease is common and effects ornamental trees in particular Apple and Pear trees. Symptoms are noticed from Spring to early Autumn. The disease causes leaves to wilt as if they have been exposed to fire hens the name. On the bark there will be canker and oozing slime.


1 The tree will blossom, then leaves quickly wilt and die at flowering time.

2 Symptoms are exacerbated by wet weather – in such conditions there can be white oozing from the bark.

3 Die back such as shriveled shoots can be observed as infection spreads downwards within the inner bark.

4 The bark can be peeled back using a sharp knife, infection should reveal a red/brown stained wood.

5 The cankers look like areas of dead sunken bark on branches in particular where infected shoots join larger branches.

What can be done?

Prune out and burn effected branches. DISINFECT ALL TOOLS AFTERWARDS!