What is Mycorrhiza?

It is a fungus found within the soil among the roots of plants. The term mycorrhiza refers to the symbiotic relations between the fungus and roots of plants.

The Two Types of Mycorrhiza

Ectotropic and Endotropic, the fungi concerned is Ascomycetes and Zygomycetes

Trees and Mycorrhiza

The relationship between the trees and mycorrhiza can be extremely important, for some trees such as Beech, Oaks and Pines they require the relationship to prosper, for others such as Maples and Birches it is not essential. Usually a tree gets water and very hard to get nutrients such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen from the mycorrhiza.

It is believed that mycorrhize gives a tree some protection from fungal diseases and soil toxins (heavy metals and pollution).

What benefits does Mycorrhiza receive from its relationship with a tree?

  • A source of carbohydrates