Oak Wilt – Ceratocystis fagacearum

This disease is caused by a fungal pathogen called Ceratocystis fagacearum.

The fungus is related to the fungus that causes dutch elm disease.

The fungus has caused severe damage to Oak trees in the US. However it is believed that the fungus is not native to the US. The fungus spreads infecting Oak trees throw root to root contact.

The types of Oak which are believed to be particularly susceptible are as follows:

Sessile Oak

Pedunculate Oak

The fungus is believed to be absent from Europe!

Mode Of Decay

Clogs the sapwood vessels, which  in turn, inhibiting the trees’ ability to transport water. Resulting in wilting and eventually death.

UK Threat

It is believed the following native trees would be very susceptible to infection:

European white oaks,

UK and Ireland’s native sessile (Q. petraea) apedunculate

English oak (Q. robur),

It is considered that it would pose a threat to oak trees and forests if it entered the UK.