Ramorum Disease Of Larch

  • Ramorum is a fungal pathogen
  • Spores from the fungal pathogen gain entry through the bark and needles


  • In Autumn the foliage turns grey/black
  • Rusty coloured patches on the trunk and branches
  • Partial flushing in the spring
  • Gingering foliage
  • Sudden unexplained die-back


  • This disease can quickly kill a tree and rapidly wipe out a stand of trees
  • This disease is easily spread infecting nearby mature trees
  • Many other plants are also susceptible
  • Moist air currents due to sustained wet weather can cause this disease to spread more rapidly.

What to do

  • It can be hard to identify whether a tree has this disease, there are many other things that can cause some of the above symptoms. Therefore it is prudent to notify a professional.

Report any suspicious symptoms to:       forestry.gov.uk/england